• Danny Maddox Executive Bio

    With over 15+ years of experience in revenue operations and B2B marketing, Danny Maddox has honed his expertise in managing multi-million-dollar P&Ls, building sales pipelines, devising marketing strategies, boosting revenue growth, and cultivating high-performance teams. He has worked with industry giants like Yahoo, eBay, Kayak, and Microsoft, garnering invaluable knowledge from each.

    Danny's startup experience boasts five successful acquisitions and advisory roles for twelve past and present startups. Before marketing, he was a full-stack web developer, equipping him with a unique skill set that enables seamless collaboration with internal IT departments and technology vendors.


    He is proficient in revenue operations, growth marketing, trend analysis, web analytics, UX design, lead nurturing, customer advocacy, and advanced marketing automation. Although his specialty is data visualization and sales enablement, he is passionate about people development and team building.

    Danny has not just generated revenue but over $1 billion in revenue for companies, boards, and investors throughout his career. As Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer at CareerLearning, he managed five training divisions and produced eight-figure revenue yearly. He notably led the integration of complex SaaS solutions with ON24, Adobe Marketo, SalesForce, and Magento at CareerLearning, a move that dramatically increased pre-paid training events annually and resulted in the company's highest revenue year in its 15-year history.

    As a founding team member of Chatterfly.com in 2010, he played a crucial role in the startup's acquisition by KPCB portfolio property Plum District in 2011. Danny also held pivotal positions at Life Line Screening and DriversEd.com, where he significantly increased yearly revenue and aided in the latter's acquisition by CIP Capital in 2014. He also built a 1.2 million-member paid subscriber base for Talent6, an early social network Dyinno Corp acquired in 2009.

    In 2004, Danny ventured into digital marketing by bootstrapping his affiliate network company. Starting out as a one-person operation, he grew the company to include 10 FTEs and a dozen offshore developers. Ranking #26 among over 7,500 independent eBay affiliates for gross sales revenue ($18.7M) in 2005, a private buyer acquired all website properties in April 2006. Danny's company was an early adopter in early 2005 of YouTube (pre-Google) for hosting professional product review videos.

    Danny has served in advisory roles for various startups, including RemoteBridge.com, The Community Factory, Flytelligent.com, ASAP Travel, Pets.com, and StudentVerse—the first startup chosen for SXSW 2023 EDU Startup Village for innovative 3D technology in education.


    With his wealth of experience in revenue operations, marketing, leadership, team building, business development, and B2B sales, Danny eagerly anticipates his next endeavor.

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    Danny Maddox


    I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop. I embrace the nerd. I like to make the online space a better place. Hopefully, we can cross paths in the real world someday and make it a better place together.