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    I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop. I embrace the nerd. I like to make the online space a better place. Hopefully, we can cross paths in the real world someday and make it a better place together.


    I care about the people who work for me. I strive to empower them, expand their skill sets and push them beyond their preconceived boundaries. They are my legacy in the online space after I leave, which is more important than any revenue records I could set. I have a "live and let live" philosophy and firmly oppose hate on all levels. I have been told I am "The World's Oldest Millennial," a badge of honor for me!

  • My Career Journey 

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    Career Goal Pursuit

    January 2023 - June 2023

    San Francisco, CA


    After working relentlessly for nearly a decade without taking a break outside a few three-day holiday weekends, I finally decided to pause my career in November 2022 and focus on my health. I weighed 302 lbs and knew I had to make some changes. I had almost worked myself to death, and my health indicators were all in the red zone.

    I'm proud to say that I've lost an incredible 110 pounds and am currently at a much healthier weight of 192 lbs. I aim to reach 180 lbs soon and am excited to get there.

    But that's not all. During my break, I've also kept myself busy professionally. I've consulted with several eLearning companies and have contributed my expertise while expanding my knowledge. I've also completed courses in advanced financial management and executive leadership. Furthermore, I've participated in two Fortune 500 panel discussions, one on growth marketing and the other on generative AI.

    In June 2023, I ran my first-ever half marathon, the Houston Hometown Half, covering 13.11 exhilarating miles, a testament to my newfound health and stamina. I can't express how empowering it felt to overcome personal and professional challenges.

    As I embark on the next phase of my journey, I'm thrilled to dive back into the professional sphere with renewed purpose, robust health, and enriched knowledge. I look forward to dealing with people and opportunities with the same operational discipline and focus that was the basis for my success.

    I am that guy again.


    #BraceForImpact #PromisesWillBeKept

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    Chief Marketing Officer, January 2018 to November 2022

    4 years 10 months

    Austin, TX


    CareerLearning is a renowned online professional certification website that has been in business for 15 years. With a focus on banking, human resources, non-profit, education, legal, and financial sectors, CareerLearning has established itself as a trusted source of professional development across various industries. Based in Austin, Texas, the company has a strong presence in the online training industry, serving more than 200,000 students across 2500 plus live training events every year and more than 100,000/yr on-demand sessions for eLearning access at any time, on any device.


    Under my leadership, CareerLearning has undergone significant improvements resulting in record revenue since 2018, including a multi-million dollar systems upgrade with Adobe Marketo AI-powered marketing automation, On24 Webinar Integration, Adobe Magento, Salesforce, Enterprise Zendesk and proprietary innovative learning pathways that significantly improved MAU and LTV.

    These improvements have contributed to a significant increase in revenue, with the company generating eight-figure revenue in the previous three years of my tenure. In addition, we have implemented Credly online credential verification system to ensure the integrity and quality of our training program.


    Developing and deploying the marketing strategy to support 350% revenue growth was equally important. The result was increasing yearly training events from 600 to more than 2500 per year with more than 200,000 On-Demand Sessions, resulting in the 2020-21 pandemic year being the highest revenue year in the company's history. As direct reports, I have three VPs and their teams across product, operations, marketing, and customer service.

    In April 2020, I was promoted to CMO/COO to streamline the business flow across the company. In addition to the above, I was responsible for IT, HR, and daily operations. I currently maintain this position.


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    Director of Digital Marketing, June 2015 - December 2017

    2 years 7 months


    Austin, TX


    Life Line Screening is the nationwide leader in preventative health screenings to more than 1,000,000+ patients annually at 15,000 company locations nationwide. The Digital Marketing Department under my tenure became the top performing marketing channel exceeding budget 25 months in a row while delivering an impressive 9X return on marketing spend supported by a seven-figure advertising budget.

    • P&L– In Q3-15, I submitted a budget for significant 2016 growth with no increase in YOY expense, which was initially thought to be an impossible goal. I not only hit the budgeted number, but I also exceeded it, delivering > 40% YOY growth for 2016 and 2017.
    • Marketing Automation – Built an Enterprise Marketo platform from the ground up by personally building all programs resulting in eight figure revenue in less than six months from deployment. Ranked in the top ten for volume in all Marketo systems while maintaining a spotless IP ban record for 24 months.
    • Ecommerce – Redesigned an existing low-performance eCommerce flow with poor mobile performance with a much improved mobile responsive UI/UX resulting in a sustained increase in conversions.
    • Search Engine Marketing – optimized a poor-performing PPC channel that had been treading water for the previous two years on a six-figure monthly spend. I turned this around into a profitable 3X ROI growth channel.
    • Organic Revenue – resolved a multi-year accumulation of Google penalties resulting in an organic revenue stream of several million dollars yearly.
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    Director of Online Marketing, October 2011 - April 2015

    3 years 6 months

    Oakland-San Francisco, California


    DriversEd.com is a 20+ years online education provider specializing in all areas of fleet training, nationwide traffic school, and online driver education to millions of students. DriversEd.com, the industry leader & rival IDriveSafely.com, was acquired by CIP Capital in July 2014. Both are industry-leading online education providers nationwide for teen driver education and online traffic.

    • I was selected by CIP Capital and the new interim CEO to lead the effort to combine and integrate the two geographically separated companies' marketing departments into a single entity based on a proven history of being a team builder.
    • Develop, manage, test, and control paid search advertising on Google and Yahoo Bing, returning 2.5X ROI on a six-figure spend.
    • Utilizing proven SEO methods and core website building techniques increased Google organic traffic to account for a near million-dollar cost-free asset of the overall DriversEd.com revenue stream.
    • I built an affiliate network with Commission Junction and eBay Affiliate Network that exceeded revenue goals for 2013 and 2014 with impressive ROI.
    • I built a Social Media Marketing campaign starting mid-2013 from literally zero to becoming a significant contributor to the revenue stream with a positive ROI for 2014.
    • I developed and optimized an inherited email marketing platform from another department that previously had been a net loser turning it into a six-figure net revenue stream in 3 months.
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    Marketing Manager 2010-2011

    San Mateo, CA (SF Peninsula)


    Chatterfly was an early mobile-based loyalty rewards program for local business smartphone users that earned loyalty points for making purchases, scanning QR codes, triggering location-based push alerts, and posting pictures on social media sites. I was part of this incredible journey from nearly the beginning till the acquisition by Plum District, a Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers company.

    This high-octane wild ride went from concept to a profitable acquisition in 12 months.

    My primary task was to take on, at the time, mega-giants Yelp and Four Square in the SEO arena literally in their backyard, the San Francisco Peninsula. Utilizing a blend of unique content, social media, mobile optimization, and SEO techniques, I was able to rank higher than Yelp, Four Square, Open Table, and Google Plus for direct searches involving the several hundred restaurants and businesses that were part of the Chatterfly customer base.


    Chatterfly's prominent rankings in the search engine were a factor in the acquisition.

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    Marketing Manager & Media Buyer, May 2006 - October 2010

    San Bruno, CA (SF Peninsula)



    Talent6 was an early subscription-based social network for virtually anything entertainment and film-related that peaked at over 1.2 million active paid members. Talent6 members have appeared in hundreds of commercials in dozens of hit shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, HBO, and Hollywood movies. Talent6 was a neighbor to Youtube HQ which afforded us access to some of the fastest and cutting-edge internet technology of the time.

    My responsibilities at Talent6 included

    SEO Organic Content, Google PPC, and Search Engine Marketing

    Daily Placed Content Ads, Print Ads, and TV Broadcast/Radio Advertising driving more than 25,000 highly targeted unique website visits and 15000+ inbound calls per day to a 100+ seat call center that operated 24 hours a day which resulted in a near doubling of revenue and conversion in both eCommerce and call center revenue.


    **Yes, I drove more than 15,000 + relevant inbound calls per day, producing millions in monthly revenue.

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    eBay Affiliate Marketer 2004 - 2006

    San Francisco, CA

    This initially was a self-bootstrapped one-person part-time operation that grew from a single website on free hosting into a company that employed three local FTE and ten offshore employees that maintained hundreds of product niche websites. Being one of the first to embrace Amazon Web Service in 2006, all sites were based on AWS at the time of sale, making the company 100% virtual. A rare forerunner of today.

    I developed a portfolio for 200+ custom affiliate niche sites with deep, unique content via the former eBay Affiliate Program monetized via Commission Junction. Utilized expert SEO and blog-building techniques to rank for top product reviews based on eBay sales metrics and trends. I developed most of these sites myself using custom-built WordPress themes and custom-built plugins. eBay Affiliate Network officially became known as the eBay Partner Network in 2006.

    My affiliate network ranked #26 out of over 7500 independent eBay Affiliates for gross revenue ($18.7M) for 2005 utilizing the BuildANicheStore eBay and PHPbay store platforms.

    A private buyer acquired all website properties in April 2006.

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    Full Stack Developer

    Full Stack Developer

    San Francisco Bay Area, aka Silicon Valley

    After grad school, I spent the next several years working as a full-stack developer for some of the most fantastic up-and-coming companies. Yahoo, eBay, Microsoft, and Kayak. It was lots of fun, and I learned a lot, but it was here that I realized the real money was in tech startups and digital marketing. This epiphany led me to start my own affiliate marketing company. In addition to the above, I would work with several startups pro bono. I still do the same in 2022!



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  • Some of the awesome places or sites I have visited.

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    An Olympic gold medal effort to win the stupidest mistake award of all time!

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    Origin Story chronicles the jaw-dropping 10 year journey of an anarchic art collective into a multi-million dollar business.

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    A massive collection of Pride merch.

    100% LGBTQ+ Owned & Operated
    Super fast delivery via FedEx

    Village Farm is a dynamic tiny home community based in East Austin, centered around Green Gate Farm and designed to enhance the lives of residents with a mission to simplify life and foster a sense of community.

    Superformance MKIII-E Electric Cobra first drive. Proof EVs can be badass. The future of hot rodding is here, and it’s as gnarly as ever.


    Village Farm is a dynamic tiny home community based in East Austin, centered around Green Gate Farm and designed to enhance the lives of residents with a mission to simplify life and foster a sense of community.

    One of the more awesome self sustaining "agrihoods" I have ever seen. This tiny home community is located in East Austin and is one of the nicest I have seen. Lots of good people and fun here!


    I'm Hella San Francisco
    currently in Austin aka "SF Lite"

    wander from coast to coast,

    and welcome bribes in the form of Stoli Elit.

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