Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks

By Danny Maddox


Success is doing what you really love, not chasing money.

The satisfaction and happiness one can derive from following one's passion without distraction or the focus on a reward can be way beyond what material success can offer. Any venture that one is passionate about must contain extreme hard work and dedication in it for it to bring about benefits that could be absolutely immense.

Look at any kind of writing; if it's something you care about, you will often find yourself pouring hours into developing your craft and trying to get your work out there. Satisfaction and the sense of seeing your stories taking shape can be most gratifying. Besides, networking with other writers and readers can enrich your life in ways that a big paycheck can't.

Instead, you run a high risk of frustration in life because all your work is likely to be unfulfilling if it is all about the money. You also sacrifice big money to personal interests and values, but in the long run, that is likely to come at a cost to happiness and well-being.

Doing what you are passionate about will also have practical benefits. If you are passionate about what you do, it is guaranteed that you will ultimately succeed because your passion and drive break through any barrier to the goal. This may lead to higher job satisfaction, career development, and better mental and physical health.

In the end, even though money is a very big incentive, it's your wants and your interests that give you life-long satisfaction and happiness. Go after what you desire, and do what it takes to get the rewards.